New Paradigm of Wind Power
Adapting to constantly changing our environment
requires challenging conventional ways of doing things.
We at Edona pride ourselves on our ability to recognize
fundamental basics to find innovative ways to meet those needs.
We believe that behind every complex problem,
there lies a simple solution.
Edona would like to provide those simple solutions in environmental
friendly ways that benefit our planet and enrich our lives through our purity
Edona is dedicated to turning creative ideas to solve
our energy solution through wind power, ocean current
and thermal technologies to help to resolve global warming issues
for our next generation.
Our Team
Daniel Ro
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Ro served as CTO of Aoba Life Insurance Co Tokyo,
IT Project Management of UBS Tokyo New York and
Director of Special Market at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of NY
Geungdug Jang, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer
Geungdug Jang has Experienced of R&D Subcontracting Projects on
Factory Automation for various companies such as Samsung SDI,
Posco, Suppliers of Hyundai Motors for past 20 years
Ancy Pariath
Accounting and Operation
Needham MA
Jason Lee
Advisor Engineering
Jason Lee received a bachelor of science from University of Colorado, Boulder and
a master's degree from Columbia University in Electrical Engineering. 
Jason joined UBS and currently working as the global manager for Virtual Platform team in Operations area. 
Jason is an avid runner and lives in NJ with his family.
Wind and SMPS Business Plan and Financial Forecast

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