New Paradigm of Wind Power

Accessible and Sustainable Electricity

on Your Building

at Minimum Cost

with Our Revolutionizing Turbine
Maximum Efficiency

with Minimum Resistance
Each Blade's Entire Rotational Cycle

for Power Generation
Simple Design of Wind Turbine Patented
50% of

Energy Conversion Efficiency

Mild Average Wind
Maximum Power Output at Mild Average Wind

for Daily Power Generation
High Extreme Wind

Operating Turbine at Below Wind Speed

Promotes Safety with Minimum Noise

Wind Power

on Commercial and Residential Buildings

with Minimum Noise
Simple Mechanism of

Building Integrated Wind Turbine
Provides Highest Energy Efficiency and Building Safety

with Diffusing Turbulence of Air Flows on Building
Power Curve on Building
Flexible Design
Utilizes the Space Constraints effectively

with Flexible Shapes, Sizes and Multiple Stacks
Easy Installation

and Low- Maintenance
Minimum 1/20 of Installation and Maintenance Cost

than Conventional Wind Turbine

using Innovative Equation and Simple Design
Maintenance could Just As Easy As

Replacing the Modules

Simple and Robust Design

by Multi-Axis Support

Each Axe of the Blades

Uphold High Extreme Wind

and Support Power Output up to 30 m/s